Codemotion Milano 2017

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10-11-2017julien decot il ruolo degli sviluppatori nel costruire comunità e cambiare il mondo in meglio #Developpement
10-11-2017susie wee api rise of network #api
10-11-2017mattia poretti Superpotenze Google Cloud ti regala #google cloud
10-11-2017salvatore sanfilippo running redis per 8 anni: quello che ho imparato su persone e tecnologia. #Developpement
10-01-2017yunong xiao The Paved PaaS to Microservices #microservices
10-11-2017carlo ferrarini how to avoid delivery of unsanitary food with ibm iot and blockchain #ibm
10-11-2017marco balduzzi cyber-crime and attacks in the dark side of the web #security
10-11-2017yan cui serverless in production, an experience report #server
10-11-2017fabrizio cornelli antropologia di un dev(sec)ops secondo il modello hunter farmer #Developpement
10-11-2017stève sfartz how to embed messaging and video in your apps
10-11-2017Isaac Abraham taming types in the cloud #cloud #coding
10-11-2017stefano casillo the challenges in developing assetto corsa a.i. #assetto corsa
10-11-2017luciano mammino Cracking JWT tokens: a tale of magic, node.js and parallel computing #javascript
10-11-2017mattia tommasone What we talk about when we say "web performances" #web marketing
10-11-2017andrea ulisse How to build a scalable serverless IoT architecture on GCP #cloud
10-11-2017danilo poccia Machines are Learning: Bringing Powerful Artificial Intelligence to All Developers #machine learning
10-11-2017marco casario Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum e Javascript Mining: Monetizzare le proprie Skill da Developer #blockchain
10-11-2017natalie pistunovich Developing for the Next Billion Users #Developpement
10-11-2017agnieszka naplocha Breaking the norm with creative CSS #css
10-11-2017krzysztof cieslak Hacking F# in JS ecosystem
10-11-2017mauro fanelli Fighting (and surviving) during the indie apocalypse #Developpement
10-11-2017marco montalbano Combining React and websocket to build real time web application: a case study #applications mobile #webserver
10-11-2017francesco strazzullo Frameworkless Frontend Development #Developpement
10-11-2017evelina gabasova The mysterious correlation: a detective story #ai #machine learning
10-11-2017lorna mitchell Becoming Polyglot #Developpement
10-11-2017lorenzo barbieri Serverless computing in Azure: Functions, Logic Apps and more!
10-11-2017jordan rogers-smith Deep dive into building Facebook Messenger bots #ai #machine learning
10-11-2017emilia ciardi MPV e start-up: anche oggi una feature domani
10-11-2017angelo fienga Embedding Cisco Spark and Location applications (ESRI) into business processes
10-11-2017francesco siddi Blender: the open source film production pipeline #blender
10-11-2017mattia gandolfi improving utilization and portability with containers and ci-cd on google cloud #google cloud
10-11-2017james ferguson a design system. a year in review. #design
10-11-2017tomas petricek the gamma: democratizing data science #scienze
10-11-2017jörg schad no one puts java in the container #java
10-11-2017oded coster stack overflow behind the scenes - how it's made #adwords
10-11-2017lucio floretta tensorflow and deep learning without a phd #tensorflow
10-11-2017tiffany conroy remote device sign-in – authenticating without a keyboard
10-11-2017alberto maria isomorphic programming in scala and webdevelopment in scala.js #javascript
10-11-2017eugenio petullà crea un'esperienza vr coerente sul web con a-frame #vr
10-11-2017juliette reinders folmer promote your open source project with github pages #github
10-11-2017dan persa the recipe for scalable frontends #architecture
10-11-2017jacopo nardiello monitoring cloud-native applications with prometheus #applications mobile
10-11-2017stefano zanero night of the living vulnerabilities: forever-days of iot #University
10-11-2017alison b lowndes fueling the artificial intelligence revolution with gaming #machine learning
10-11-2017matteo manchi react native for multi-platform mobile applications #creativity
10-11-2017anna makarudze django girls: inspiring women to fall in love with programming #android
10-11-2017giuseppe navarria django girls: inspiring women to fall in love with programming
10-11-2017davide cerbo kotlin: forse è la volta buona #adwords
10-11-2017tim perry https is not enough #ai
11-04-2017maurizio mangione What Service Workers can do #Front-end
10-11-2017tech leaders il futuro degli sviluppatori e della tecnologia, il punto di vista delle tech community #technologies
10-11-2017gabriele santomaggio how to build distributed applications with erlang. #applications mobile
10-11-2017gabriele marazzi how to build distributed applications with erlang.
10-11-2017andrea maietta how to build distributed applications with #blockchain
10-11-2017gabriele nocco how to build distributed applications with erlang. #applications mobile
10-11-2017matteo valoriani how augment your reality: different perspective on the reality-virtuality continuum #vr
10-11-2017tomer elmalem graphql apis: rest in peace #android
10-11-2017tim perry realizzare applicazioni desktop con electron e angular #adwords
10-11-2017nicola corti gdg italia meetup #amazon
10-11-2017enrico zimuel gdg italia meetupp #android
10-11-2017emanuela dal mas meetup djangogirls - l'approccio femminile alla tecnologia: le nostre esperienze, finora
10-11-2017christian strappazzon python milano meetup #android studio
10-11-2017paolo montrasio milano chatbots meetup #android studio
20-07-2017marco paggi durabilità e materiali innovativi per il fotovoltaico #scienze