Event Talk Speakers Data
Campus Party Milano 2017come diventare uno startupper giovanni de lisi 20-07-2017
DevFest Mediterranean 2017 Cap1android architecture componentscarlo lucera 21-10-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017android things for iotwayne piekarski 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017android for everyonebenoit tabaka 06-04-2017
GWT Con 2017continuous delivery with ease maciej górski 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017eco-friendly hardware hacking with androidcarlo pescio 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017amazon tips & tricks for in-app purchase: 5 best practices from the top 50 appsmario viviani 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017does it work? did you test it?derek rozycki 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017android things in actionstefano sanna 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017kotlin: a followupgiovanni di gialluca 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017spinning the physical web with android and bluetooth 5martin woolley 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017gradle 3.0 and beyond for android developmentetienne studer 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017what’s new in android wear 2.0daniele bonaldo 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017cross-platform mobile apps development with .net and xamaringianni rosa gallina 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017attacking android applicationsdario incalza 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017deep android integrationsty smith 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017from journey to code: how to implement user journeys in your app using the mobile bridge mobile engagement platform?lior lavon 06-04-2017
Codemotion Milano 2017django girls: inspiring women to fall in love with programminganna makarudze 10-11-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017a new hopeeugenio marletti 06-04-2017
Droidcon Torino 2017android firstlisa wray 07-04-2017
Codemotion Milano 2017graphql apis: rest in peacetomer elmalem 10-11-2017
Codemotion Milano 2017gdg italia meetuppenrico zimuel 10-11-2017
DevFest Pisa 2018Who’s afraid of Machine Learning? First steps with TensorFlow for Androidbritt barak 10-04-2018
GDG TechDay Messina 2018Tensorflow for Androidcarlo lucera 05-05-2018
GDG TechDay Messina 2018Grow with Google DeveloperScholarship Challengeantonella rotondo 05-05-2018